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About The Book

“How can I save my loved one?” is a question being asked every day by thousands of parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, and friends who are experiencing addiction in their families. Many spend decades of heartache searching for the answer. A countless number never discover the truth, but one mother did.

Ricki Elks tells her story of her loved ones making dangerous life choices and her futile attempts over the years to save them. She shares how her lowest point led to her greatest victory. The crisis of her son’s entrapment by addiction set in motion her quest for answers. She eventually made a decision that was a catalyst into a hopeful life that, to her, had once seemed hopeless.

Ricki Elks does not share theories; she shares experience—the experience of a mother who has been in the battle. She also shares discovered truths that opened her eyes to a better life that was possible. Now her desire is to offer the hope she found to others who are asking the same question she once asked, “Can I save my loved one?” Through the insightful and thoughtfully prepared recounting of her story, she takes you on a journey that has life-changing potential.